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November 16, 2009 04:23

6 Sagmun – We are proceeding, albeit slowly, to Seahome. The craft has taken on water over the years and is not the most seaworthy of vessels. I continue to pray that the voyage is a safe one. Today, Eil asked for someone to examine the underside of the ship. Moridin volunteered. We tethered him for his exploration, and sent him down. He felt around for a few minutes, but returned seeking a light source. He indicated that he had found a hole in the vessel. I cast this for him, and he went back under. He was under so long the next time, I began to grow concerned. When he finally returned, he informed us that the hole in the ship was not damage, but an intentionally made compartment in the underside of the ship! Inside the compartment are a crane and a “large iron barrel” as he describes it. Most intriguing. Upon our initial search of the ship, we found the rear compartment tarred and boarded shut, which we initially assumed came from some sort of damage. Now we know it leads to the compartment.

7 Sagmun – Moridin spent most of his day in the compartment. Zef was down there some as well, but Eil and I spent most of our time working with the ship itself, including bailing bilge. It is clear that Eil enjoys being captain of his own vessel. Moridin continues to prove himself a most curious fellow. He spent a great deal of time in the compartment, but yet was very curt in his description of the barrel. It seems the barrel has a hatch, and possesses levers that activate mechanisms within it. To the questions of what it does or why, he did not much answer. We also found a map, but it’s not a coast anyone recognizes. The cartographer indicated a spot marked “home”, but we cannot tell where it is. There was also a log book, from which only was discernable the name of a captain, Sethrim Callister. We hope to find more answers in Seahome.

8 Sagmun – We arrived, without incident, in Seahome. To moor the ship here, however, is quite expensive, and my companions seem to be lacking in the area of money. To help increase their trust in me, I paid the fees and will continue to as long as I am able, which will not be long. I want them to sense that I have an interest in this as much as they do. Zef has been assigned that task of gathering information on this ship, the map and Captain Callister. If he’s as handy with townsfolk as he is with sailors in learning information, then we will be well off, indeed. Moridin spent more time in the compartment today. He said he was cleaning the device up. I sense that he’s hiding something, but what, I cannot say. He’s become more animated over the last two days; excited. He seems more certain now about the decision to keep the craft than he initially was. I continue to seek Halav’s guidance about what is next.

12 Sagmun – Zef’s trek into the town proved most fruitful. It seems that Captain Callister was a Merchant-Prince, or perhaps not. Some of the older sailors remember him, but the Tutorial guild does not. Curious, indeed. We learned that he was the Captain of a vessel some 30 years ago. We also learned that a former shipmate of his, named Orvillayd, resides in Minrothad, and we’ve set sail to find him. To help ease the cost of the trip, we took on a passenger, but the fare barely makes his presence worthwhile. The others seem to be having difficulty tolerating him, or perhaps we’re just sick of one another. I beg patience and forgiveness for my lack of long-suffering.

20 Sagmun – We arrived in Minrothad, and Zef made contact with this Orvillayd. The old man, as the other old sailors, is convinced that Callister was a Merchant-Prince. If so, why would the Guild deny his existence? Was he so traitorous or otherwise shamed that his name has been stricken from their records? The puzzle is no clearer now than when we first started. Orvillayd was able to identify the map. It is an island, called Island 7, that Callister discovered some years before. He said he would help us find it, but in turn for 20% of our earnings. Perhaps, then, the trip will be fruitful. Zef was able to negotiate a sum of gold from the old man as an investment in our journey. It was a good thing, too, as we would have not been able to moor at this port one more day much less sail to a remote island an back that is days away. Since I’m not a great sailor, I took charge of the money and acquiring supplies. We bought food, gear and things we needed for the ship, and spent nearly all of the coin in doing so. Let us hope this venture proves profitable, or we will be in sore straits, indeed.

25 Sagmun – This has been a long journey, and we are only halfway through. Days are spent trying to fix or work around problems on the ship. Moridin continues to spend as much time as possible with the barrel. He indicated a couple of days ago that he believes it to be some sort of device that will allow two people to go underwater, a craft of sorts. I have never heard of such a thing. Who could have built such a device? This is further confirmation to me that Halav watches over us. Surely this cannot be a collection of coincidental events. Halav is leading us to this island. He has led me this far, and He shall take me further. I pray for faith and trust. I must not doubt, for His inspiration will be closed to my mind.

30 Sagmun- We arrived. Unfortunately, there’s not a great deal left of the island. It spears to be a giant heap of mud that is slowly sliding into the sea. If we had come 3 months from now I wonder if we would have even found an island. There was at the top of the island, a house. Unfortunately, it is mostly buried in mud, and was barely fit to be explored. Zef went inside to have a look, but there wasn’t much to be seen. He was able to glance downstairs, and shouted out to us that he saw a shelf was several books. Moridin was visibly excited, and was ready to go get them himself when a bolt struck the top of the island, causing a mudslide. Zef barely got out of the house, and we all slid down the hill. Poor Eil was covered in mud after taking a nasty tumble. I used a prayer of healing to ease the wounds sustained in the fall. We returned to the ship, admittedly somewhat deflated. That’s when I looked at the map again. I told Moridin if the device below was truly a submersible, he should consider exploring, as the X appeared to be under the water here. The others agreed, and Moridin and Zef set out in the device to have a look around, while Eil and I waited. As we waited, I wondered at Moridin’s excitement. He is a curious fellow, who seems to strongly value knowledge, but what could expect to find in the books here? He clearly has some sort of expectation. Does he seek to learn the power of the Merchant-Princes? Callister was either a disgraced merchant-prince of some sort, or something else entirely. I sense that Moridin has arrived at a conclusion, and is eager to discover the source of the man’s power.

2 Sebmun – I write this by the dim light of my lantern in an underwater cavern. After I finished my journal entry yesterday, Moridin and Zef returned to indicate that they had found an entrance to an underwater cave. Moridin ferried us all in. Once in, we attempted to secure the submersible as well as we could, and prepared ourselves to explore the cave. We moved up from the entrance to where we saw a tunnel leading deeper into the rock. At the tunnel entrance, sticking out of the rock itself, we saw a large mushroom. As we approached, Zef prodded it with a long pole. As he did so, it immediately sprang to life, snapping the end of the pole and crawling quickly toward Zef. I’ve never seen anything like it! It was a like mushroom with many arms, a fungal squid. I watched in shock as it attacked him relentlessly, destroying his boot and nearly his foot as well. We finally bested the creature, but it was a tense fight. Upon closer examination of the creature’s corpse, we noticed that each tentacle had several hard “fingers”, which are what enabled it to have such a devastating effect. We also noticed that these fungi eat minerals, usually valuable ones, such as obsidian and malachite. I’m sure if the Black Eagle Barony knew of these things, they would try and enslave them somehow. Personally, I found them to be very dangerous and worth avoiding, even though we ran into several. We fought one that tore my helmet like parchment, and nearly did the same thing to my skull! Fortunately, the damage done did not exceed Halav’s power, and we were healed. I have never been in such a place. There are no other people here, and yet it is extremely dangerous. We have already run into several traps and diversions. One particularly devious yet simple trap was activated by Zef. He stepped into a spot on the floor, and as he did, a rope looped around his foot. The other end of the rope was hooked to a boulder. The boulder then detached from its’ housing, and plummeted into a large pool of water. Zef, of course, plummeted with it, and nearly drowned. Moridin did jump in after him, once again realizing that I could not. Another particularly vile trap involved a slope and large boulders. Fortunately, Zef was examining the area when we first arrived into it, and was able to find the trigger plate. As Zef, Moridin and I further examined the area, someone set off the trap. A metal door slammed shut, blocking the passage we arrived from. Eil had remained in the passage, and was separated from us. A boulder was loosed, which would have killed Zef and Moridin if they had not been able to escape in a side passage. We were able to find a secret door that led out of the passage, but nothing that would allow us to open the door and get Eil. Beyond the door, we found a couple more rooms, both with pools of water. We believe one of these pools has a way out. We decided to take time out to rest and recuperate, which will allow me to pray and recover divine power. I pray that Halav will bless and keep Eil while he is separated from us. In the morning, we will forge forward.

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