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October 23, 2009

Moridin’s Log: (Year – 304 VR)

Ontok, Sagmun 1, 304: I can not believe it is already Sagmun. Time does seem to move quickly at times. I have been signed on as a journey-man sailor for Captain Madsen on the Whiskered Whale. I am not sure this is the best plan, ship or situation for me to be in but I have to go someplace other than Minrothad if I am going to find what I am looking for. I have already exhausted all the contacts Parn had for books and information. I am hoping that I can find more information at some of the ports we visit but who can say for sure. It is all so frustrating. I have learned so little, but even that little bit is incredible. I can not believe that people were so foolish as to loose this knowledge or think it evil. I am sure it is because most people are weak. They fear what they do not understand. Fear is the mind killer. I must not, no, I will not fear. I will grasp this knowledge and use it for my own purpose. However, I must bide my time. No on can know of what I seek. There are too many ignorant people who would seek my life if they knew the truth. It seems our first port of call will be somewhere in the Five Shires. I am not sure what information I will be able to find among the Halflings but information can be found in strange places. I did notice that one of my fellow journey-men is also a halfling. Perhaps he could be of some use to me in the Shires. I will have to feel him out. Nothing else to do now but wait, watch and listen. Addendum – Pah, first day on ship and I already have night watch. I should speak to the Captain and let him know that I have some skill in navigation and cartography. Perhaps then I could be assigned to more useful work than sitting in a flarging crow’s nest all night.

Totok, Sagmun 2, 304: We had an interesting turn of events today. On my night watch we spotted smoke on the horizon. I get the feeling that is never a good sign at sea. When we investigated we found an Ierendi schooner prizing an old Karameikos caravel. I despise pirates. Ever since my parents and sister were killed by pirates, when they attacked my families sailing yacht, I swore to myself I would never feel pity for killing a pirate. The only good pirate is a dead pirate. I just wish I could have put a bolt through that flarging pirate captain’s heart. I can not believe we let him get away. I need to get a better crossbow. This cheap piece of flarg I have is hardly worth the gold it cost me. How would it be to have a proper Mirothian masterwork crossbow, one with a proper stock to balance out the aim? I would have spitted that flarg of a pirate if I had one of those. Maybe once I can scrape some coin together I can get one. If we keep running into pirates I am going to need something better. I think I need to ask the Captain to assign me to the ballista. I bet I could have gotten that fleeing pirate with that. The halfling gave it a try but his aim was terrible. I am not even sure he knows how a ballista works. At least he did not blunder things up like that priest. I can not believe he shot that pirate and sank the whole ship. I thought the Captain was going to blow a fuse over that. All that cargo lost, too bad we might all have gotten bonus pay for salvaging it. I am still not sure why I volunteered to join Skipper Byrnes on the caravel. I suppose it is because the Captain wants us to go to Ierendi to sell the cargo. I will probably stand a better chance of finding some useful information in Ierendi than the Shires. Only time will tell I suppose. I was surprise that the halfling, I think his name is Zef, and the cleric Sergei volunteered to crew the caravel with us. It did not surprise me that the sea elf joined our little crew. He is probably hoping something happens to the Skipper so he can take over the ship. Those sea elves are always itching to get their own ship and command. Well so long as they do not interfere with my search I could care less what they are after. Barkus says it will only take us a few days to get to Ierendi. I just hope I can find something there. Note: I need to ask the Skipper if he will let me have some practice with the portable ballista we took onboard.

Dreitok, Sagmun 3, 304: Skipper had a change of plans. Now he intends for us to head to Seahome to sale our cargo of furs and pelts. The sea elf, Eil, said we should stand to make a good profit there. I hear the Skipper’s got a woman he shacks up with there, but so long as we make some coin what does it matter. I will probably need some additional funds. Getting the information I am seeking will likely not be cheap. That’s enough for today, this storm is getting to rough for writing.

Birtok, Sagmun 5, 304: It’s good to be alive. It was a close call but a least we are back at sea, even though this schooner is in bad shape. That storm 2 tok ago was a mess blowing us all the way to the Thyatian Empire. When the Skipper sent me, Zef, Sergei and Eil ashore to cut a tree for a new rudder I did not think I would end up on a completely different ship. We were lucky. Zef is proving to be quite a useful halfling to have around. If he had not warned us about those Storm Guard soldiers coming we would have been in some real trouble. Finding the Slitherwyr anchored in the cave of that hidden bay was a blessing from Minroth. I am just glad Eil was able to pilot the schooner out of the bay. There were some tense moments there. I was not sure this old girl was going to make it out to sea, not to mention the flarging rocks. I was surprised that Eil chose not to return to the caravel when we saw her on the horizon if that was even our ship. It looks like he is planning to take over this ship and make it his own. He could get into a lot of trouble for doing that if anyone found out. Flarg, we could all get into a lot of trouble because he did that, but at this point I am just glad to be alive and away from Thyatia. Once I explain the situation to the Guild I am sure the blame would fall on Eil since he took command of this ship and claimed he was our Captain. Sea elves can be such flarging idiots at times, all because he wants his own ship to Captain. Well once we get back to Seahome we can get this all sorted out and I can get back to my search. That’s if this ship will even make it back to Seahome. Minroth guide us that it does. Note: After searching the ship we found a log book for the ships previous Captain. (Sethrim Callister). Not much we could make out in the log but we did find an old map. I could not recognize the coastline and there were no legible markings or notes except one that said ‘home’. Not sure what that meant but it could have been the previous Captains home port. We also found that the aft cabin’s door is sealed and tarred. I think it is because the ship had sustained some damage that flooded those compartments so they sealed the door to keep the ship from sinking. Why else would you seal up an aft door like that. Sagtok, Sagmun 6, 304: Eil asked for a volunteer to examine the hull for holes or leaks. The ship is still sitting too low in the water and he wanted to know if that was why the aft cabin was sealed and tarred. I was sick of listening to Sergei going on about how Halav had blessed us with this vessel and how all that had happened was by the hand of Halav so I volunteered to get in the water and check things out. Who the flarg is Halav anyway? Well as I was checking over the hull I found something odd. It looks like the previous owner purposefully cut out a section of the bow. The missing section was not due to damage because the edges were smoothly cut. I investigated further with the aid of a light prayer from Sergei. Perhaps he has his uses after all. I can only hope the knowledge I seek will grant me such abilities. It chaffs me to rely on another’s powers. I was able to use Sergei’s prayer of light to make an interesting discovery. There is actually a hidden compartment on this ship. The aft cabin is not just sealed to keep water out. It also hides a completely sealed room that can only be accessed from the water. Within the room I found a large iron barrel that was connected to a hoist of some sort. The barrel was covered in rust and old barnacles. Upon further investigation of the barrel I found a hatch that I was able to open. This barrel is quite an interesting find. It looks almost like it is some type of underwater device but I have never heard or seen anything like it before. The inside of it had a bench and 10 levers. When I have time I must study it in detail. Right now the priority is getting this old schooner to make it back to Seahome. But I can not help but wonder what that barrel is for and why it is hidden away on this ship. I always did like a good puzzle to solve.

Ontok, Sagmun 7, 304: Most of the day has been spent trying to keep this vessel together. Eil keeps saying this schooner is made of sturdy stuff but I have my doubts. I am surprised we have even made it this far. Sergei continues to go on about the blessings of Halav. I suspect that he has some unspoken agenda and is looking to draft us and this relic of a ship into his plans. I am not sure how I feel about that. In truth I have no clear destination where I know I can find the knowledge I seek. At this point I am not sure I care what port I travel to. I just need to get somewhere so I can start asking questions and start gathering information. It just needs to be somewhere outside of Minroth for now. Anyway, we should be arriving in Seahome in another tok or two. We will see what happens then. I still have not decided what will be the best course of action for me when I get there. I know this much if there is blame to be levied it lies well on the shoulders of Eil or Sergei. For all I know the Cleric used his prayers of Halav to dupe the rest of us to not return to Anny and the caravel. I am sure the guilds could be easily convinced of this. He is an outlander after all. I am sure I could convince Zef to side with me. He seems to be a sensible one that would know when to play that hand if we need to.

Totok, Sagmun 8, 304: We have reached Seahome and there has been much discussion among the four of us. I am surprised and what I heard today. It seems that the whole lot of them are inclined to not go to the guilds about what has happened. Eil, was the only one that considered going to the guilds but Sergei convinced him that becoming Captain of the Slitherwyr was a much better idea. I figure Eil was already considering that idea. All he has ever talked about is being a Captain and as Sergei keeps saying, ‘Here is a ship, a gift from Halav, which has fallen into your waiting hands’. Sergei is playing that Elf like a puppet but if Eil is that blind to it who am I to enlighten him. Sergei is all for taking this ship and us and heading of on some agenda he has. He does not say that out right but I am no fool. It is obvious that he is seeking something and he wants the use of this ship and its current crew. All I know is that I will not be manipulated like some puppet. If Sergei thinks I am that easily handled he will find out just how wrong he is. It seems Zef does not really care one way or another about what we do. He is an interesting one. I find that I get along with him quite well. The way Zef counts his coin I have the impression that he is only interested in getting his hands on more. However, he also seems to not care where or what we are doing he just seems to enjoy the ride where ever it may go. He is an odd one indeed. As for myself, I tried not to give too much away during the discussions. To find the knowledge I seek I may need to take risks like this. It was decided that tomorrow Zef would ask around the port to see if anyone knows about this Captain Callister. Zef thinks there could be more to the Captain than meets the eye, especially since I found that iron barrel. I will hold my decision until I hear what he finds out. I think I will spend the tok tomorrow examining that iron barrel something about it intrigues me. Perhaps there is more to it than I first suspected.

Dreitok, Sagmun 9, 304: My hand, no my whole body, trembles with excitement as I write this. I had no idea I would find such a thing or that such things still existed. There were stories in the books I read. Stories of devices of all sizes that used and were built by the arcane, but I never dreamed I would find one! I spent the day examining the iron barrel. Hah, to call it an iron barrel would be ridiculous. It is an arcane apparatus! An item crafted with arcane power. It is more than I ever dreamed possible. This apparatus is amazing. My research shows that it is indeed a submersible. It operates underwater as a giant iron lobster and even generates its own light. However, I think time and nature have taken a toll on it. There seems to be a light eye and claw that are not working. Perhaps with time and effort I can repair the malfunctioning parts. I can not believe this find. I must lay claim to it. Since I have researched its workings and have worked on cleaning it up I am the one with the most knowledge about it. I will use this to my advantage. I am sure I can convince the others that I should be the operator of the apparatus. Indeed, they will not get me out of it. I must learn all I can from it. How does it generate the light? What effect allows it to operate the way it does. Where do the various parts go when they are not in use? Puzzling out these questions may help me in my search for knowledge. I may also figure out how to repair this apparatus or even…dare I think it…make my own someday. This is an opportunity I can not pass up. Regardless of what Zef finds out I now find myself bound to this ship and this apparatus. I suppose I have made my decision. Where this apparatus goes I go. I could care less if Sergei says it is another blessing from Halav. Let him have his agenda, let Eil claim his title as Captain, this apparatus is mine.

Firtok, Sagmun 10, 304: We are now on our way to Minrothad. It seems Zef was able to find out that the last surviving member of Captain Callister’s crew, a Bosun Orvillayd currently lives with his family in Minrothad. We are going to Minrothad to see him. Zef, gathered some interesting information on our mysterious Captain. Incidentally, I am quite impressed with Zef’s ability to gather information. I must consider using his talents in my search. He could save me a great deal of time and gold of which I have little. Now back to Captain Callister. It seems that Callister was Captain of a clipper known as the Nape of the Maids. The strange thing is that although the old sailors and the Merchant Sailors Guild claim he was a Merchant Prince 2-3 decades past, the Merchant Prince Guild seems to have no knowledge of him or his ship. That is perplexing. There is something deeper going on here. Zef, says the two groups seemed genuine in what they believed. I see no reason for either guild to provide false information. I will have to consider what this might mean. Perhaps the bosun will shed some light on the information we have so far.

Dreitok, Sagmun 15, 304: Even though Eil was able to buy some gear to start repairing the ship in Seahome this schooner is still barely holding together. This thing needs a major overhaul in a dry dock. Not to much chance of that since we have little coin. I am not sure taking this passenger on was a great idea either. His constant complaining is hardly worth the 4 gold we are getting for passage. If we did not desperately need the gold I would not have agreed to it. I hope this Orvillayd has some information that is worth the trip. We have been at sea for six tok with 3 more tok before we arrive. I think all of us are a bit on edge. The uncertainty of what we are doing is a strain on all of us. This had better be worth the effort. None of this has not gotten me any closer to the knowledge I am searching for, although, finding the apparatus has made up for some of the lost time. I suppose I am just agitated that I can not spend more time examining the apparatus. With this passenger on board and Eil sailing us at our fastest speed I have not been able to get into the apparatus’s compartment. I need to figure out a way to remedy that. It is a pain to swim into the chamber each time I want to access it.

Sagtok, Sagmun 18, 304: We will arrive in Minrothad tomorrow or so Eil claims. It has been decided that Zef will go and visit Orvillayd. I think this is a good move since he seems to be far more capable than the other two in gathering information. I have no intention of getting off the ship in Minrothad. I do not wish to be recognized by someone. That could complicate things a great deal and I want nothing to interfere with my search or study of the apparatus. Hopefully Sergei and Eil will keep out of sight as well. I suggested as much but by Minroth who knows if Sergei will listen. He is determined that Halav will protect us and our endeavor. He has already taken charge of the group’s coin and has self appointed himself the person in charge of supplies. I am fine with him taking the supply job. I have no time or desire to deal with any of that. He and Eil can sort all of that out. I will take the opportunity to work on the apparatus some more. It needs a good oiling inside.

Totok, Sagmun 20, 304: Staying with this crew is turning out better than I thought. Zef gathered some interesting information from Orvillayd. It seems he also believed Callister to be a Merchant Prince. He did serve as his bosun on the Nape of the Maids. He was very interested in the map with no symbols. He claims it is a map of one the uncharted islands Callister found. Island seven he called it, because it was the seventh Callister had found. He even marked it on a sea chart for us. He must think there is a great deal to be found there because for the information he gave Zef he demanded 20% of what we found. This could turn out to be quite the find indeed. That Zef is also quite the halfling. I could not believe that he got that much gold out of Orvillayd to help us buy supplies. Sergei was quick to get his hands on it for sure but he looks like he did at least do a fair job of seeing to the supplies. Eil seems to be happy with it all. Of course he would be so long as he has a ship to sail. As I write this I have just had a thought. For Orvillayd to give us gold up front suggests he is expecting quite the return for his investment. This could be just the thing we need. If we intend to stick with this schooner we are going to need some real coin to get her back in shape and I am in desperate need of more coin to aid in gathering information about the knowledge I seek. Things could be looking up indeed. Eil thinks it will take us 10 toks to reach the spot on the chart. I pray Minroth holds this ship together for that long.

Ontok, Sagmun 25, 304: We have been sailing for 5 tok so far and Eil feel we are halfway there based on the charts. So far the ship is holding together. I just had a thought about this Captain Callister. What separates a Merchant Captain from a Merchant Prince? The use of elemental magic! Merchant Princes are trained at the academy of Merchant Princes by the Tutorial Guild. Part of a Merchant Prince’s training includes the teaching of elemental magic. That being so, why would Callister’s crew think he was a Merchant Prince? It could be because he used magic, but perhaps not elemental magic. It could be that he had discovered and used arcane magic! That could be why the Merchant Prince Guild does not remember him. He was never a true Merchant Prince. His crew and other sailors thought he was a Merchant Prince because he used arcane magic. This could be what I have been looking for. We may be sailing to the very thing I have been seeking. If my hypothesis is correct Callister could have stored books or other things on this island that may help me gain the knowledge I am seeking. However, I must keep my thoughts and excitement in check. I could be incorrect in my hypothesis. I must bide my time and wait and see what becomes of this. Even if it is only a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow it would be worth the trip. Only time will tell.

Birtok, Sagmun 29, 304: Eil says we are getting close to island 7 and there seems to be a storm brewing. I am getting nervous about our ship. I pray to Minroth that it will survive this storm, flarg I will pray to Halav too if that would help. All I know is that Sergei better be praying to Halav that we do not sink. We may finally see if his Halav really is watching over us. I hope what I find on this island will make this trip worth the effort.

Sagtok, Sagmun 30, 304: We arrived at the island today and what we found was a disaster. We are in the middle of a raging storm and it looks like this island is a sinking mountain of mud. We found remnants of a house on the side of the central peak but when we went to investigate we met with disaster. While Zef was inside looking around a lighting bolt struck the mountain top and caused a mud slide. I thought we were done for but luckily most of us came out unscathed. Eil took a real beating but he survived with a bit of healing from Sergei. After that we got the flarg out of there for the day. Zef said there were books in the house, by MINROTH I wish he could have gotten hold of one, but after that mud slide I doubt anything is left standing.

Ontok, Sebmun 1, 304: The storm has passed and we returned to what is left of the island. That muck is flarging ridiculous. It was a total loss. The house has been destroyed and buried. It looks as if nothing has survived the mud slide. I am not in a good mood right now. I am hoping this was not all a complete waste of time. Looking at the map the only thing we could come up with is to try and do a little bit of underwater exploration. Zef and I will head out and see what we can find. I am hoping we have some success…..

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