Sal Khalid

Abbashanian Merchant in Fabia


Khalid is a short, portly male human of Emirate decent. He wears a bushy beard and bright purple clothing.


Khalid is an Abbashanian merchant who lives in Fabia, and trades in oil. He is successful, friendly, and lives a comfortable life. The party first meets Khalid while leaving a tavern in the Foreign Quarter of Fabia. He invites them to his home, where they share a meal. In his interactions with the party, he always seems slightly disappointed that they are not well-versed in Emirate customs. He aids the party by arranging a caravan to the city of Abbashan, where the party is going to pursue the Books that Moridin needs for his arcane library.

Current Whereabouts: Fabia

Current Status: Friendly – assisting the party by arranging a caravan

Sal Khalid

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