Kethlan Ellasro

Elven monk touched by the arcane full of optimism and wanderlust who views combat as the last way to resolve an issue. Typically seen running around barefoot wearing a smile and short comfy pants with his hair in a thick braid down to his waist.


Str: 16(+3), Dex: 18 (+4), Con: 13 (+1), Int: 13 (+1), Wis: 15 (+2), Char: 14 (+2), HP: 18 AC: 16, Touch: 16, Init: +4, Move: 30’, Fort: +4, Reflex: +7, Will: +6 Base Atk: +1, Melee: +4, Ranged: +5, Flurry: +2/+2, Unarmed DMG: 1d6

Languages: Elfin, Darokinian, Patois, Ylari

Feats: Elfin Racial Traits, Blindfighting, Improved Unarmed Strike, Flurry of Blows, Stunning Fist, Evasion, Combat Reflexes, Renaissance(Diplomacy/Sense Motive)

Skills: Balance(2), Bluff(0), Climb(2), Concentrate(0), Craft: Carpenter(1), Diplomacy(3), Know: Arcana(1), Know: Religion(1), Listen(1), Move Silent(1), Perform: String(1), Prof: Cook(2), Prof: Sailor(2), Sense Motive(1), Spot(1), Swim(2), Tumble(5), Speak Language(1), Spellcraft(0)


There is nothing really out of the ordinary about Kethlan. He spent a hundred years or so doing what all elven children do which is play in the forest, learn from friends and family members interesting skills and then finally decide what direction to follow for the next few decades. His parents both are respected members of the Darokinian Academy of Magic where Kethlan had originally planed to follow in his father’s (Aelamar)footsteps as a “Watcher.” Unfortunately, Kethlan took after his parents equally and while quite skilled in the Martial Arts, he also had the misfortune to inherit his mother’s (Kerathahal)capacity for the Arcane as well and was evicted from the Order. His parents had initially down-played his childhood fantasies of being a wild hearted adventurer on the high seas and gently pushed him to more stable and responsible pursuits. Since this goal seemed to be unattainable, Kethlan decided to reach out for the fantasy of all young males and seek out the world. What better way to do this than aboard a Minrothad Guild ship. They are renowned for their exotic ports and travelling to the far reaches of the known world. Perhaps Kethlan led a bit too sheltered life growing up in the Academy for he was certainly slapped in the face with a rude awakening upon his arrival at the Minrothad Isles to find that they only accepted their own people within the Guilds. He finds himself caught up in a horrific paradox. If you are not apprenticed into the Guilds by your parents you must show that you are truly extraordinary to be accepted amongst them. However, if you are not a guilder then you will find yourself with precious few opportunities in order to show that you are extraordinary. Kethlan’s life goal is to build a wealth of experience and test his skills rather than amass a hoard of treasure. He will prevail and achieve in this endeavor regardless of the obstacles in his path. Some things can be talked through, some things can be reasoned through, and every now and then some things may just have to be kicked through, but he will see all the wonders of this world before passing on to the next. The goblet is half full. Always remind yourself that the goblet is half full. Although lately it seems that it’s half full of fire not water!

Regarding Faith When thinking of the Immortals one name immediately comes to mind. That is of course, Halav! Sergei, please don’t get too excited since I only say that because you keep bringing him up on at the top of each waking hour and on alternating ones in your sleep. I’m pretty sure I don’t want to know what you dream about. A priest’s devotion to his immortal is a very intimate and special thing. Not to say that I haven’t developed a certain appreciation of that honored King of Traldar since coming to know you. Given a chance I will gladly drop a coin at any of his shrines in appreciation of the times he has worked through you to keep us in one piece. For me though, I will always offer my first loyalty to Mealiden Starwatcher, Caretaker of the Elves and Patron of Explorers and Adventurers. I proudly wear his rainbow and stars. How can I not give homage to someone who personifies everything I want to be? As a mortal he traveled the world, led my people to a safe home and explored unknown lands and knowledge while still keeping a sense of humor. Yes he did get older and stodgier, but his heart still holds that spark. He may not go off on grand adventurers of his own, but he loves to watch over those that do. I only pray that someday he finds some hairbrained exploration of mine worthy of his notice and brings a smile to his face. He doesn’t go looking for a fight, but will defend his own. Yes, I know that trying to become an immortal is a difficult road with responsibilities far greater than any I have the patience for. So I’m pretty sure that it isn’t my path, but I have every intention of following in the footsteps of the Red Arrow to the extent my mortal shell and the furthest horizons will allow.

Kethlan Ellasro

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