Zef is a young halfing who stands at a whopping 3’2” in his stocking feet. Weighing @32lbs, he has shoulder lenght sandy brown hair with blue eyes. He is wearing a light leather vest with a light brown shirt under it. he is wearing a brown leather belt and some light brown almost tan cotton pants. He has a backpack on his back and a dagger in a plain sheath, a sling and a pouch of stones hanging from his belt. He has brown leather boots on. he also has a quickhand guild tatto on the back of his hand in the quick betteen the thumb and the pointer finger


Zef grew up a typical youth on Open Isle in Minrothod. Working in his family business, swimming and rowing in its sheltered coves. Being a courious and adventurous lad he dearly wanted to learn to sail and travel to far of areas of the world retuning with fame and fortune. His parents however wished for him to succed the head of the family basketweaving and glassblowing business. This contiued until the fatefull day that the group of youth that Zef ran around with decicded to “borrow” one of the older boys father’s skiff so he could teach them to sail and to set off to find their fame and fortune. He boasted that he could teach them to be a first class crew with him as the “captian”. Fate however had deemed otherwise, neither he nor his “crew” was ready for the sudden amd severe storm that sprang up as if as out of nowhere not long after the skiff cleared the protected walls of the harbor. With many of the boys swepted over board and the skiff sinking Zef took to the water clutching a plank trying to swim his way to shore. After what seemed like many horrifing hours of being tossed about in the sea the storm dissapeared as quickly as it had come. Zef was rescued by a second skiff sent out from the harbor when the sudden storm was seen to engulf the boys. Only Zef and one other boy was found. After the horror and trama of that day Zef turned with aversion from any thoughts of a life of a sailor and began to persue the course that his parents had laid out for him. He delved into his studies as a basketweaver and a glassmaker showing some apptitude for the second until he became a member of the second caste. But due to the lost of his friends he became someone who was outwardly friendly but hard to get to know. He developed a habit of sitting quitely listening and learning things that people didnt wish known by fading into the background when people were around him. Zef was also haunted by nightmares of that awful day restless, and unable to sleep he would take to the streets of the village at night quietly observing the comings and goings of those who made it their own. He became good at hiding and moving silently so that they would not see him observing them for he had no desire to be found the next morning with his throat slit. There however among those who frequented the night to be one older man who always seemed to be able to spot Zef in the shadows and would seem to give a friendly nod or a warning glace as the occasion warrented it. There seemed to develop an odd kinship between them never speaking but always acknowledging the other. As the years wore on the nightmares lessened but Zef had come to enjoy his nightly excurions as they seemed to fill his adventurous and daring side that he had had as a youth. In truth he was starting to chaff again under the desires of his parents and his guild. This continued until the night that fate again took a hand in his life. While heading home from his nights wanderings he heard a scuffle down an alleyway, for some reason instead of going around it as usual he was drawn towards it, as he peered around the corner it was the man to whom he had developed the unspoken kinship being attacked an hard pressed by two men in white robes bearing what seemed to be holy symbols. Unthinkingly Zef launched himself at their backs knocking one down and the other off balance. This enabled the older man to quickly dispatch them, Dragging Zef with him the older man fled the area. Thus began Zef’s initiation into the theives guild. The older man turned out to be a journyman member of the thieves guild who took Zef under his wing as a mentor. Zef flourished under his training his basketweaving skills leaving him with nimble fingers on locks, traps and other devices, his nightime huants helping him with eluding observation and detection, and his knack for listening to gather information. Because of the severe penaties for theivry in Minrothod he only knows his mentor and 2 others in the guild, for the past two years he has been undergoing loyalty test and been involved in minor projects in perperation for Zef to earn his token as a full fledged member of the order. He is latest assignment is to hire on as a crewmember (despite his somewaht abatted but still lurking aversion to the sea and his lack of training as a seaman “bout time you got over that and learned something usefull”) of the Wiskered Whale to go to the five shires to gather information on a member of the merchent quild who has been accused of treason by other members of his guild, being a hafling he has gone to ground somewhere in the five shires area, Zef is to gather information as to his whereabouts so that the quild can collect the gold offered on the Black Seal Warrent in his name. Nice simple job what could go worng…............


Minrothad onsilius Zef