Adanel Merkova



Adanel grew up aboard her parents’ merchant ship, Der Vertrauenwürdig. She has served as first mate to both her mother (boatswain) and her father (captain), even though she hopes to one day captain her own vessel, she prefers to work amongst the rest of their able bodied crew. A position of leadership tends to dig into her own insecurities as she finds the pressures too great to bare (despite exceeding the expectations of her parents and crew).

According to her parents, they both have always belonged to the Merchant Sailor’s guild; however, a small, but very well equipped armory she found hidden beneath the captain’s quarters suggests otherwise. Adanel has no other family except for an uncle that has been dead since before she was born. From what she has gathered is that he was hung for treason after serving many years as a merchant prince.

Having lived most of her life at sea, she has become quite dubious and suspicious of political process and practices. Simply put, she has no patience for it after having seen numerous negotiations and contracts go sour due to the upholding of political “correctness”. She has always felt opportunities and rewards should be earned, not handed out as part of due process.

Recently, Adanel has recognized that she must leave the comfort of her family and life on Der Der Vertrauenwürdig in order to become better acquainted with herself and the world around her. Until she overcomes her own mental roadblocks, she feels she’ll never be able to handle the responsibilities of captaining her family’s ship when the time comes. After dropping off cargo in Seahome, Adanel said her goodbyes and left to find work as a sailor.


Immortal: Calitha Starbrow

The sea is often used as a metaphor for life as it is known to the many races of Minrothad. Its currents embody how an individual’s path through life is governed by the choices made. Its tides are rhythmic interpretations of how life begins when it ends, and ends when it begins. Its being is no different than how life or time continues even though fragments of its existence change, wither away, or dissappear all together. It as a whole continues while parts of it do not.

Ironically, the sea is the lifeblood of much of Minrothad, providing passage, nourishment, joy and sorrow. Adanel has developed a strong devotion and love for the sea – no different than the one she has for her mother and father. To her, its bountiful resources, endless depths, and reliable spontaneity are synonymous with Calitha Starbrow’s love for her. As such, Calitha and the sea are one and the same. So long as Adanel honors and respects the sea, Calitha will bestow a mother’s grace and care upon her.

Immortal: Ordana


Immortal: Khoronus


Adanel Merkova

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