Retired Sailor, and one time Boatswain of the 'Nape of the Maids'


Old retired sailor with white hair and beard.


Boatswain Orvillayd use to sail with Captain Sethrim Callister on the clipper Nape of the Maids. He now lives in Minrothad with his family in a modest estate. He claims that Callister was a merchant prince that lived over 20 years ago. When he found out that we had a map of Callister’s he asked to see it. He said it was a map of one of Callister’s uncharted islands, Island 7. He marked its location on a chart for us and gave us some startup money in exchange for 20% of whatever we found there.

Apparently he also has two grandsons who we have taken along with us. Orvid and Chaunce are both human and appear to have adequate sailing experience thus far. Orvillayd said that he could be a future source of jobs for us.


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