Anny Byrnes

Second Mate to Captian Barbim Madsen


Young, with leathery skin, trim beard & mustache, and long black hair.


Anny Byrnes is Second Mate to Captain Madsen of the Whiskered Whale. Anny was chosen to Skipper the salvaged Karameikan caravel that had been attacked by Ierendi Pirates. Our party, six other sailors and a miniature ballista boarded the caravel with Anny. We were directed to sail the ship on to Ierendi to deliver and sale the furs and pelts still on board. However, Anny, rumored to have a girlfriend in Seahome, decided we should travel there to sale our cargo instead. On the way our ship was caught in a storm. When the storm subsided we found ourselves off the coast of Thyatia. Anny sent us ashore to cut a tree for a new rudder. When the party found the Slither Wyr, they saw the caravel on the horizon, but did not sail back to it. The party again encountered Anny later, in the company of Captain Madsen. The party could tell by Anny’s contented disposition that he thought that they would be punished to the fullest extent of the law. However, his disposition quickly changed when he discovered that the Captain was going to cut a deal with the party. To the best of the party’s knowledge, Byrnes is with Madsen on the Whiskered Whale, and still angry that they weren’t prosecuted.

Anny Byrnes

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