Captain Barbim Madsen

Captain of the Whiskered Whale


Distinguished male human with dark hair, neatly parted down the middle with a thin mustache.


Captain Barbim Madsen – Captain of the Whiskered Whale- A three mast harbor town freighter with a 15 ton cargo capacity that can cover 84 miles a day and can stay at sea for 3 months. It has a crew of 40 and a marine contingent of 30 along with a catapult and ballista. Captain Madsen is a rising star in the Merchant Sailors Guild. If he keeps on with his current success his application to the Merchant Prince Guild would be assured. Madsen is a top rate Captain who is all business. He, like most sailors, has no love for pirates and their ilk. They are shown no mercy at sea. He is also a very cunning. It is rumored that once when commissioned to carry a cargo on consignment for a Thyatian Senator he learned that the Senator intended to stiff him on the consignment fee. Upon learning this Madsen dumped a portion of the cargo and sold the rest out from under the Senator for a tidy profit. The Thyatians sent a warship after him which he then sank. This gained him great praise within the Merchant Sailors Guild.

The party signed on to the Whiskered Whale, where they first met Captain Madsen. After the find of the Slither Wyr, and the party’s subsequent abandonment of their contracts, led Madsen to find them. When he did, he surprised all by offering them a way out of prosecution: 500gp per head and 3 favors, which the original four party members accepted. The first of the three favors has been discharged.

Captain Barbim Madsen

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