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March 19, 2010

Moridin’s Log: (Year – 304 VR)

Totok, Nomun 14, 304:

I still cannot believe that I was so blind to Urian’s or should I say Sebn Al-Massar’s treachery. I should have known from the start that he was deceiving us, but I was blinded by my desire to find this artifact and the lure of what arcane secrets the ruins would hold. That was reckless of me. I must curb my eagerness, that type of foolishness will only bring disaster. At least we did not come out of those ruins empty handed. Once things had settled down and the camels had been recovered I was able to use a spell of magic detection to identify five items with auras. The two handed falchion held on arcane aura, but one need only look at it closely to see that it was a fearsome weapon that was not to be trifled with. I take great pleasure in finding anything crafted or imbued with the arcane. Even though I myself cannot use this great sword it is a marvelous find. Perhaps I can learn something of enchanting other weapons by studying it in more detail. For now I am hoping that one of the warriors in our group will utilize it. As Mazikeen has warned me, I must bind my fellow companions to me and the more of them that have embraced the use of arcane items the more of them I can trust and feel safe around. I want them to depend upon me as a source of the arcane and of arcane knowledge. If they come to embrace the arcane they will not hate it or wish to reveal it to others.

The copper chain necklace holding the brown scale had a divine aura. Kelthan was quick to take it into his possession. That was interesting to see, for all his talk of disdain for the arcane arts he was quick to scoop up a magical item with no more than my word, that it was divine, to go on. It seems that he too seeks power in his own way. I will remember that.

The pair of bronze rings with the symbols radiated an arcane aura and after some testing we have found them to be some type of portal rings. I must admit that I continue to be awed by the wondrous items that can be crafted by the arcane. Seeing such a device only strengthens my resolve to follow Mazikeen and the arcane arts. I myself desire the ability to create such things. I can think of no greater power in the entire world. I will let nothing stop my dream from becoming reality.

The runed finger ring of brass also radiated an arcane aura. I was not able to decipher its function but hope to learn it secrets soon. Once I have my books back in hand I must search them for a way to learn the secrets or identity of arcane objects. I would think the wizards of old would have had ways to learn an item’s secrets through magical means. Perhaps I should meditate and commune with Mazikeen on this matter that he may guide my studies to find such a spell. The last item that contained an arcane aura was a surprise to me. I would not have thought the ash in that small tin box was anything more than a powdered substance. I would not have guessed that it held such power. I mean to bring those barrels into existence from where they were being kept was an amazing feat of arcane power. I must ponder on this more as it could be a useful to me in the future. It is already apparent to me that I must learn was to keep my books safe from those who would steal or burn them. Perhaps understanding how this ash powder worked would aid me in that effort.

Other than the five items that radiated an aura and the various powders and dirt the remaining treasure held little interest to me. I think the powders could be quite useful in putting together and alchemist lab.

Dreitok, Nomun 15, 304:

Traveling in this flarging desert is difficult for our ill equipped and unskilled group. Our plan now is to travel by night using my skills in star navigation and Adanel’s elven sense of direction. We are headed back toward Abbashan and ultimately to the manor house of Sebn the Sorcerer where we intend to retrieve my books. Sergei speaks of confronting Sebn but I have my doubts of him even being there. He got what he was seeking and I am sure he is long gone now. The loss of the artifact book cuts me deep but my failure to see Sebn’s pending betrayal cuts deeper. I must not allow myself to be used like that again. I should have charmed him to learn the truth when we first questioned him back at his manor. I now understand why Mazikeen did not show me this artifact in a vision, it was not meant to be. I must be more mindful of his guidance in the future.

Firtok, Nomun 16, 304:

We were able to reach Abbashan today. Even though it was late in the day we pressed on to the manor house of Sebn. As we drew closer we notice a pavilion tent set up in the front yard and several people about. There was also a fire burning that appeared to contain burning corpses. The smell was horrible. This was my first time smelling the harsh odor of burning flesh. As we approached the tent there was a huge hole in the ground beside the manor house. It looked to be in the shape of a circle but I could not tell how deep it was. At the pavilion we were confronted by four Ylaruam men. The main talker Faris Barooth, who reminded me of a paladin of some holy order, seemed to be in charge. He was accompanied by Medin of the Vouchery of the Provinces, who was obviously a government official of some type and his aid Usin. The last was referred to as the Dervish Al-Abba and I am still not sure what role he played in this group. It was obvious from the moment we arrived that we were in some trouble. I silently asked Mazikeen to watch over me, that I might not be discovered by these fanatics. It does not take spending much time in Ylaruam to realize that its people follow their religion with a great deal of zeal and fanaticism. Once I started to hear their line of questioning and the responses they gave to our answers I knew I could have been in a great deal of trouble. If they had discovered that I was an arcane user I do not think I would have lived out the day and perhaps my corpse would have been added to that burning pile of flesh. I shudder to think how close I was to discovery. Kethlan did most of the talking for us and even though he said too much I do not think it would have mattered what we had said. They were looking for someone to blame for what had happened and we were foreigners in a land that despised foreigners. They demanded a quarter of what Kethlan had told them we found as taxes. They also were very upset at the mention of the artifact, its retrieval and then loss to Sebn Al-Massar. It was in the middle of all this that Faris Barooth demanded we show our devotion to our immortals by telling him of our faithfulness. I must admit I began to despair. How could I answer such a question? My devotion firmly belongs to Mazikeen yet to reveal that devotion and faith would have cost me my life. They would know for sure I was an arcane user and I would have died. How could I answer such a question? I did the only thing I could do in such a situation. I lied. I spoke of Minroth the immortal of my mother but my heart was not in my words and the Faris could sense it. Even thought it was hard to bear Barooth’s scrutiny of my faith and the loss of the magical ring and powders I know that I did the right thing. Powders and rings can be replaced but death would have been a major inconvenience to my plans. Needless to say I was glad to be free of Barooth’s scrutiny and I knew that Mazikeen was pleased with me when they returned to me my books.

I should note that Zef is proving himself quite the loyal and useful friend and companion. It was sharp thinking on his part to steal the portal rings back from the Ylaruam. I am glad to be leaving this place!

Totok, Nomun 20, 304:

We have made it back to Fabia and our ship. I am glad to be out of that flarging desert. If I never see a desert again it will be too soon. Ravi was very excited to see our ship. I think he will be glad to get out of this desert as well. It looks like Captain Madsen has tracked us down again. He left a letter with the Rufill Lejeros the Port Agent here in Fabia. It seems he is calling in his second favor. He wants us to carry some cargo for him and make him as much coin as we can before the end of the year. I guess this means we will be spending quite a bit of time on the sea. That is fine with me. It will be good to be back at sea and not in some flarging desert. It will also give me plenty of time to study my books and do some research. There are a number of topics I am interested in researching. That knock spell I used in the ruins of Jepuur for one. I also think I should look into sources of light, the ability to identify magic items, and something that would give me some protection. I have also thought of how I might combine magic with the use of my crossbow. The old histories often spoke of wizards having magical companions. Perhaps I will spend some time looking for information on that as well. In truth there are so many things I want to learn and understand that I really do not know where to start. Perhaps communing with Mazikeen will help guide my steps. Now to get started….

Ontok, Nomun 25, 304:

We arrived in Tel Akbir today. We are selling the dyes and pigments we purchased in Fabia here. We did lose a few in some rough seas but we still should be able to make a profit for ourselves and Captain Madsen. The crew has decided to use Madsen’s coin along with ours to keep shipping more cargo. We figure we can make more money for both by doing so. We are picking up wood to take back to Fabia where we warehoused the extra dye we could not haul. I am glad we have Sergei; he makes a great clerk and has done a fine job handling the ledgers. I spend all my free time studying my books and have learn a great deal but there is so much to learn.

Totok, Decmun 8, 304

After several trips between Fabia and Tel Akbir we have finally arrived in Thyatis City. I have never seen such a place before. This city is huge, and I thought Seahome and Minrothad were big ports. I do not think I have ever seen so many people in one place. We have decided to take this opportunity to put the Slitherwyr back in dry dock and to finally get all her repairs completed. The repairs will take about 15 days so it looks like we will be in Thyatis for some time. Perhaps it is time to get some new clothes. It sounds like they are going to mount some ballista on her as well. Now perhaps we will not be an easy target for pirates. So far we have been lucky not to have encountered any pirates but if we keep sailing like we have I am sure we will run into some sooner or later. Although it would bring me satisfaction to rid the seas of more pirates, only a fool would wish to encounter any. Perhaps Sergei can call on Halav to keep our journeys safe. That sounds like something he would go on about.

My arcane research continues to be productive.

Dreitok, Decum 27, 304:

Our travels have finally brought us back to Seahome. It is good to be back. I will need to visit the Guild offices and submit my reports. Perhaps I have made enough coin to look into purchasing a small alchemy lab. I will have to see where we stand after selling all the clothes and goods we bought in Thyatis.

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