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December 10, 2009

General Sum Up 3: (Year – 304 VR)

Last session we started off where the party (consisting of Eil, Zef, Sergei, and Moridin) have found a secret room after wandering through the underbelly of island seven. This underbelly consisted of many man made and creature made tunnels. They were in search of anything the owner of the previous ship captain might have left behind. This expedition was made possible in part by Orvillayd, who gave them some up front gold to repair the ship. This secret room was just what they were looking for, full of crates of furs, dyes, weapons (some masterwork, and other things that would be great to sell or keep (some of which they did not tell Orvillayd about of course).

Now on to what actually happened last session…

The group continued searching the room as a small side room continued to fill with mud, buckets of mud dropping into room from the ceiling every couple of seconds. A purple-red blur catches our eye as it jumps from somewhere in the room down into the area we must descend to get out of this place. The party redirected its search to attempt to find out where the thing may have come from, but to no avail. At one point Sergei thought he saw a door that was made out of the actual blocks in the ceiling, but when Eil and Moridin looked they saw nothing and convinced him nothing was really there.

It was fairly obvious that in the time that passed the room was growing muddier; a suggestion came up of Eil and Sergei tying up cargo in preparation to be lowered down to the exit. So while Eil and Sergei worked with the cargo Zef and Moridin searched for anything they might have not found with the first search.

By the time Eil and Sergei were done with the preparation Zef and Moridin had found nothing so they decided to stop searching. Zef and Moridin climbed down the ladder and waited at the bottom as Eil and Sergei lowered the goods. Once everything was lowered Eil and Sergei climbed down to join them and soon after that the room they were in collapses.

The group spends the rest of the day going back and fourth between the ever lessening heap of goods they found, the submersible, and the Slither Wyr. By night time all of it was loaded up, and the Slither Wyr reflected such by having a much lower position in the water.

Early the next morning they lifted anchor and set sail at less than half the ship’s normal speed. At this rate it would take them all their rations to get to Seaholm. Before going to Seaholm however the party decided that they would go back to Orvillayd and pay him.

Upon reaching Orvillayd’s place they were greeted happily. After being shown the list of goods, which excluded the magical items, Orvillayd settled for a chest full of coins. Orvillayd also informed us that he had two grandsons that we could take along as new sailors. Their names are Chaunce who is 20 and Orvid who is 18, both of them human. The group accepted them and set off for Seaholm.

It took the rest of the supplies but they finally made it to Seaholm. Eil looked around for a dry dock and found one owned by Skarrett, an older sea elf. The Slither Wyr was pulled ashore for a revamp and its cargo was taken to a storage warehouse provided by Skarrett. This warehouse also had guards that Skarrett who were payed to watch over his customer’s merchandise.

Once the deal was secured and the work on the boat began the party went to the tavern to find more sailors for the ship. It was there that the group interviewed Eckhart, Adanel, and Kethlan.

Eckhart is a male human equipped with a great sword, a halerbret, a light crossbow, and scale mail. He seems like the type to smash up everything and ask questions later. Eil thought it would be good to have another fighter on board, especially one that could sail. When asked what motivated him Eckhart explained that he knows his future. Eckhart is convinced that he will someday become a king and rule an empire; many laughs were stifled as he told his tale.

Adanel is a female water elf equipped with a long sword, buckler, light crossbow, and leather armor. Another water elf would be a great edition to the ship. Based on the background she gave the group everyone found her sailing experience superb and accepted her.

Kethlan is a male forest elf equipped with a quarterstaff, dagger, and a sling. He expressed his will to sail and his eagerness to explore. After that he told the group how he is not from the islands and it turns out no one hires foreigners. The party decided that they would be an exception to this rule and accepted him aboard. It was after that they found out he had a great interest in cooking, something everyone was thankful for.

The group also ended up taking a rather young lad who Chaunce and Orvid knew, he was just 16 but had some sailing experience and they needed one more.

Eil invited all of them to see the Slither Wyr the next day, and they did. Their worries were reassured after they were informed that the boat was being worked on and totally revamped. Although promised a job Eckhart, Adanel, and Kethlan would have to wait to set sail until after repairs were done which could go well past two months. While there Sergei asked about purchasing ballista’s, which Skarrett said he could put two on the ship for us for a fee of course.

A few weeks into waiting Captain Madsen and Anny showed back up with smiles on their faces. They sat down with us and explained that they were going to turn us into the port authority if we did not pay them off. Captain Madsen told us to give up 500 each, only referring to Zef, Eil, Sergei, and Moridin, and three favors. We agreed, feeling the pressure of the law push down upon us. After this Madsen explained that he as something for us to do right now, deliver something to Captain Sheny in Mithrothy city and help him leave the port by doing whatever he asked of us. Everyone agreed to meet back here tomorrow at the same time where the party would have the gold for Captain Madsen. After this discussion Captain Madsen ordered drinks, the group’s tab.

The next day the party liquidated the furs and dyes in order to get the gold for paying Madsen and to be able to pay the dry dock fees in advance so that they could leave to take care of Madsen’s favor. That night they met Madsen in that same tavern, and in the morning Zef, Sergei, Eil, Moridin, Eckhart, Adanel, and Kethlan took the prepaid boat passage towards Mithrothy city, the capital of the islands.

Three days later the group arrived at Mithrothy city, on the way to Sheny’s ship Adanel spotted a Black Eagle Barony flag being taken down by one of the Karamakin ships pulled in here. She told Sergei and Sergei told his companions all about them, but now was not the time to deal with that. Right now they just wanted to get to Sheny and see what he needed.

Sheny welcomed them on board his ship, that had been stationed there for quite some time or so the dock workers said. He accepted what the group had for him and told them he needed one more thing.

Sheny told them that they must wait until night time, around 8pm, for Elgin to finish his business deal. After that deal was done bring him back to the docks and get him on the ship. They managed to argue enough with him to get him to throw in an extra 1000 gold for their troubles, though he would not tell them why this person needed their escort.

It was still early so the group headed back to the Black Eagle Barony ship. Sergei sat and watched it while Adanel asked the dockworkers, who were eager to stop for her but not for the last guy who tried it, about the ship. The dockworkers all held the same knowledge; the ship was taking on three times the amount of food it should be for a crew like that. This realization coupled with Sergei spotting one of them with a whip in his hand drove the group to action.

Instead of taking care of it themselves they went straight to the port authority, hoping to find a Halfling since slavery is a more touchy issue with them. Once the office was found Adanel, Eil, and Sergei went inside. This order was specifically picked out because Adanel had talked to the dockworkers, Sergei had seen the whip, and Eil was a better talker than Eckhart and was actual a native unlike Kethlan.

They did end up finding a Halfling to talk to. The group expressed their concerns of slavery, providing extra food and whip sighting as evidence but the Halfling said that they were to busy to investigate such without hard evidence. Though he did certify a paper saying that we had the port authority to search the vessels cargo and then Eil was to make a report of their findings.

Eil took this paper and they left, reuniting with their friends and filling them in on the situation. Kethlan had the great idea of stopping at an inn first and dropping off their backpacks, so they better fit the role of port authority. From there the group went straight to the Barony ship.

Eil explained the note to the guard who was in front of the gangplank but the guard did not seem willing to budge. He informed the guard that he could use lethal force, which was when Kethlan jumped in and informed the guard that he would not want to stir trouble in a foreign port and to get his Captain down here instead. The guard did so.

The Captain came down and Eil informed him like he did the guard, showing him the piece of paper but not allowing him to physically hold it. The Captain attempted to snatch the paper away from him but Eil was to quick. After this little outbreak Eil drew his long sword, which initiated many others drawing their weapons, and asked the Captain what exactly he was trying to do here.

Kethlan piped up and told everyone to calm down and sheath their weapons. Kethlan also said that the Captain was violating procedures of a foreign port and that they must see his cargo. The Captain trudged off to talk with his crew and afterwards said that it was ok for them to come up. When Eil started up the gangplank it was kicked off the side of the ship and he went straight into the water.

Kethlan used his quarterstaff to allow Eil to climb back up out of the water and together their group warned the nearby war vessels that a breach of port authority law has happened, all while Eil was showing off the soaked piece of parchment.

The war boats immediately started to prepare for undocking and soon after bells sounded everywhere and the gates to the city began to shut. The poorly designed Barony ship did not even have a chance, and their Captain saw this.

The Barony ship got about 100 feet out before the warships enclosed them, the Captain drew a torch and lit it. That’s when the group took our their crossbows, besides Eckhart who took out a Javelin, and began the attempt to fling the torch out of the Captain’s hand.

Their shots did not bring the Captain down, or fling the torch from his hand, though Adanel did a point of damage to him and Eil did seven. In the returning fire that the crew gave them Adanel and Eil both were hit hard, before a second round of fire on the crew’s part could begin they were showered with arrows.

The Captain made it downstairs with his torch, but Kethlan managed to shout a warning to the boarding vessels about it and the crew members got their in time before the fire got out of control. Roughly 100 or more slaves were released from the holding cells underneath the Barony ship and everyone rejoiced.

The next few hours of the day for the group were spent being asked questions about what exactly happened. By the time they were released it was well past lunch time, so they ate and discussed what their next steps were. They agreed to split into two groups; one would scout out and make three escape routes while the other would look for information on Elgin, their escort. Everyone decided it was best to meet back at the inn by 7:30 pm so that they could get going to the warehouse. Zef decided to stay at the inn seeing as he was not feeling well.

Adanel, Eckhart, and Eil were the group designated to look for the information. By snooping around they heard that Guild Quickhand had a reason to dislike the guy but they never figured out why. Seeing as they were out of options they decided to go to the source. The three of them went straight to Guild Quickhand, pretending to hate Elgin and want a piece of him themselves. The Guild insisted that they had no clue who Elgin was, though Eckhart though that the Halfling’s twitch told him otherwise, though that could have been just out of anger. Adanel though she saw a small child following them, but made nothing of it. After this encounter they headed back to the inn to meet up with the group.

Kethlan, Moridin, and Sergei scouted around the entire warehouse and all the side streets that lead to the docks. They formulated three different escape plans and spent the time trying to memorize all of them. With this information they went back to the inn to meet the group.

Once in the room Eil listened to see if anyone was attempting to listen in on them, but to no avail. The groups exchanged information and the idea was brought up to stick in groups of two if separated. One of the two members would know the escape routes and be able to make their way back to the elevator that went to the docks. Everyone agreed, Sergei and Eil partnered up, Adanel and Moridin partnered, and Eckhart plus Kethlan made a team.

Once arriving at the warehouse they set up strategic positions. Eckhart and Kethlan waited at the eastern most exits out of the warehouse, the one near the alley we were going to use to make our way towards the docks. To prepare for any unexpected trouble that may follow they stacked up some barrels to topple over if the opportunity should present itself. Adanel and Moridin stood at the other exit from the warehouse, the one Sergei and Eil would come out of.

Flasks of oil were passed out, to throw on the ground if needed to slow down pursuers, and then Sergei and Eil stepped into the warehouse via the main entrance. They saw that a business deal looked on the verge of being completed, when announcing themselves and what they were here to do the human who was the buy ran out of the place without completing the sale. Elgin blamed us and when Eil told him to go to the ship, for his own safety, he had no clue what ship he was talking about.

After another few words had been exchanged Halflings came pouring in from the main entrance, most of them with rocks. Sergei attempted to convince them that they were arresting Elgin, but the Halflings would have none of that and started their barrage of rocks landing a few good hits on Elgin.

Elgin still refused to leave his goods behind, so Eil grabbed the wagon, with crates stacked on top of it displaying the Guild Quickhand’s seal, and pulled it along with them. The Halflings threw another fistful of stones at the group before everyone made it to the doorway. Sergei was first out, followed by the injured Elgin, who was followed by Eil wheeling the cart (which barley fit out the door).

Instead of taking the cart any further Eil left it in the doorway, blocking the path of the Halflings. Moridin and Eil took a crate from atop the cart before everyone started running towards the eastern alleyway. More Halflings, these with hand crossbows, showed up around the corner we were just standing at and fired.

A crossbow bolt was all it took to bring Elgin down. Adanel stopped, and picked the man up throwing him over her shoulder in a fireman’s carry. Sergei used his last healing spell of the day to restore some hit points to Elgin. After this was done Elgin asked pitifully for them to take him to the boat, but to not leave any of his goods behind in doing so.

Another volley of crossbow bolts was on its way. Eil turned around to face the Halflings to block the crossbow bolts, crate still in hand. With a thunk one of the bolts dug into the crate Eil held, the rest all missed their marks. Eil threw the crate at the Halflings that were closing distance with them. One of them caught the box with his face, ending up pinned under it on the ground.

Everyone ran as swiftly as they could towards safety. The extra weight of Elgin did not slow down Adanel at all. Moridin lead the group, Eil took up the rear, and the Halflings occupied the space directly behind Eil.

Kethlan and Eckhart knew their group was coming, and was able to push the barrels over at exactly the right time to pin some of the Halflings and block off the path for the others. Successfully remembering the escape route Moridin lead his friends to the elevator.

Once there Elgin insisted that he could walk, and reluctantly agreed to go to the boat after learning his cargo was missing. The only way they could convince him of that was comparing his current situation to the one where he was taking stones to the face. Adanel put him down and everyone boarded the elevator.

The party reached the bottom and everyone stepped off the elevator. Though Elgin attempted to pull a fast one and jump back on, but Adanel was able to stop him using just two fingers and Elgin watched in dismay as the elevator ascended back to the city.

Soon they were at the ship, and Elgin was delivered to Sheny, who told us that he would let Captain Madsen know of our excellent performance. Sergei pushed the issue of payment and the group was given the extra 1000 gold promised. Elgin was taken unwillingly by the crew to an unknown destination, and the tired party of adventurers walked off the ship with one less favor owed to Captain Madsen.

Even though it was late the group was able to secure passage back to Seaholm for the next morning, 30 gold plus an extra 10 to be keep quite on it. Bunking in the ship was not so bad; everyone was used to sleeping like that anyways.

Finally making it back to Seaholm safe and sound the group went about obtaining more money for the dry dock fees. The silver ingots and the jeweled instruments sold for under what they wanted but it was something. The next day they went back to the dry dock to find all their things missing out of the storage provided by Skarret. It was time to have a word with that salty elf…

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