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December 05, 2009 05:39

Entry Date: AC 1004, Minrothad month Sebmun the 4th.

I was put under the command of Captain Barbon Madson, a rising star in my guild (the Merchant Sailors Guild) with quite a reputation. This was supposed to be a normal voyage, delivering supplies to the Five Shires.

There were three that stood out from amongst the crew of the ship. I always take note of these people, and this time I am glad I did. There was little reason at the time for me to expect I would be stuck with these three people, the ones who knew the least about sailing on the ship.

These three introduced themselves as Moridin a human who looked nothing out of the ordinary rather than the dress of a knowledge seeker rather than a sailor, representing the Alchemists Guild. Zef a halfling, light and agile he proved very useful in our group thus far, representing the Quickhand Guild. And Sergei a human foreigner who prayed to an unknown God, one that he thinks has power over the sea when in fact all of us Water Elves know the Calitha Starbrow watches over our islands and the sea. Despite his odd beliefs and us not getting along all that well he proved a good ally to have, Sergei is also the designated healer on our ship.

On the voyage we managed upon some pirates attempting to make off with loot from a Karamakos ship. Utterly destroying the pirates proved an easy task, though one escaped to the open sea on a small makeshift boat with a crossbow bolt though his leg I might add. Madson put in charge Anny Berns as the skipper of this new ship, though all that was left on board was common furs.

Madson decided that we would go finish the ships mission and meet up with him later. Deciding that the furs would fetch a better price at another port Anny redirected our course, violating Madson’s orders but the crew did not seem to mind that and I actually recalled that during this time of year the furs would sell more at our new destination.

On our way to the destination a storm plagued us, though Calitha Starbrow pulled us through without any casualties. Unfortunately though our ship lost its rutter in the fierce storms. Our ship was stranded off the coast of a place Barkus; an experienced soldier on our ship, said was very aggressive towards foreigners. Knowing some of prejudice against Water Elves outside of our islands I wanted nothing more than to get going again as soon as possible.

Somehow I ended up with Zef, Moridin, and Sergei in a rowboat all of us with hatches. We came upon the shore soon enough, our mission was to locate a suitable tree, cut it down, and bring it back in the rowboat to build a new rutter out of it. There was another rowboat sent out to do the same mission but far to the north of where we were.

Upon landing on the shore and pulling our boat up none of us were sure if we had been spotted, though we all suspected such. The halfling put forth the idea that he go check up the coast for anyone attempting to find us. After he left the remaining three of us trudged through the forest marking trees as we went so that the halfling could find his way back to us after reaching our rowboat.

After a long time of walking, crossing a stream and working our way up a slope, we finally found a suitable tree. Not ten minutes into the hacking Zef showed up and after throwing out a complaint about us making our marks at our eye level not his he informed us that we must leave quickly.

Zef explained that these men in black armor were attempting to find our trail. Not long after his explanation we began to hear horses in the distance. Dashing to the small stream we trudged our way through the water intending to leave no tracks for our pursuers.

This must have slowed them down and another ten minutes later we came to a cliff and small waterfall where the stream ended and spilled into the ocean, we spent some time exploring the area and discovered that there was a passage beneath the waterfall at the bottom of the cliff.

Zef expertly tied a rope off to the top and we climbed down, but not without some unfortunant events. I wore my chain armor and sheild out here just in case we ran into trouble; well this was not the kind of trouble I was expecting. My grip slipped on the rope and I fell at least twenty feet into the water below hitting the bottom so hard I nearly blacked out.

Now stuck at the bottom I attempted to swim up to no avail, though I did see the end of the rope and when I grabbed it to heave myself up I felt a jerk from the other side as my companions pulled me out of the water.

Sergei and I decided to let Zef and Moridin scout the area inside since the entrance had water deeper than the foot could touch to swim through in order to get inside and both Sergei and I bore heavier armors.

During this time the cleric healed me, of which I was very grateful and immediately expressed my gratitude. A good five minutes later a man poked his head over the side of cliff, and stared directly down at us. Moments later crossbowmen appeared next to him, ready to fire at us if Sergei and I would do anything different than surrender.

One look at each other and we both jumped into the water off of the rocks we were standing on, all around us bolts peirced the water coming dangerously close to hitting us. Before we could make our own way into the tunnel Zef and Moridin began to pull us back into the cave with the rope that they had left behind for just that reason.

Now inside of the cave, with temporary safty, they showed us the ship we found as well as the very dead now skeleton former captain (or so we assumed). Having no time to search anything I quickly assessed the ability of the ship to sail. The ship, titled the Slither Wyr, had been here a long time. We found out the former Captain’s name was Callister and with that information we found a map sketched into the boat to a destination called ‘home’. Though none of that mattered now, what mattered is that this ship even though in terrible condition could sail.

Quickly enough I found out none of my companions had very much actual sailing experience. I took the seat of Captain (a title I’ve always dreamed about having!) and began to order them about the deck. The real task came down to me as I took to stearing the broken down vessel.

Upon exiting the cave we could see the men climbing down their own rope in an attempt to reach us. The man from before yelled something to the equivint of, ‘how did they get a bloody ship!?’ which immediately put a smile on my face. I guided us around the edge of the cliff to where Zef said he saw an opening in the cliff. We could only pray it went entirly through and had enough space for the Slither Wyr to fit (even its small scooner size I feared the worst but kept optimistic and prayed to Calitha Starbrow that she give me strength and guide us.

And she did! Praise to her she did! We had enough room to make it all the way to the other side. Pulling off the amazing feat of piloting us through there without further damages to our ship we escaped with out lives.

Then came a difficult choice, to go back to the main ship or abandon the Captain, the crew, and the rutterless ship or head for seaholm a major port city of the water elves where I grew up. We decided the second option. Going against all that I’ve learned and know I declared myself Captain of the Slither Wyr.

A few days later we arrived at the port, many laughed at our ship but I held my chin up high. This ship will be fixed up and I will become a great Captain, they all will see. I had some doubts about what I had done but I came up with a good story that was not far from the truth that would give some reasonable explaination to why we did what we did and simply left out the fact that we chose not to go back to the other ship.

My dream has come true I am a real Captain, of a cruddy ship but a Captain none the less! The docking fees and a day’s stay stripped us of much of our money, Sergei making the biggest investment out of all of us. Zef did some investigating into our Captain and turns out one of his crew is still alive, named Bosen, so we decided to pay him a visit and see what he knew about this map we had found in the ship.

During that day Moridin who turned out to have some cartography skills made a copy of the map so that we may show it to Bosen. Also while at port Moridin examined the strange giant metal barrel that was in the back of our ship.

To be continued… (Actually not done recapping what happened from Eil’s poitn of view during the first session)

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