Elon Eil

A water elf that has pale skin, gray-blue eyes, and short white hair. He most often wears his chainmail in ports and when traveling by land. On the ocean he wears simple attire centered around the color blue, with a seashell necklace.


Status: Alive

HP: 30
AC: 18 (with chainmail) 14 (without chainmail and with sheild)
Fort: 4
Ref: 3
Will: 1

Base attack: 3
Longsword Masterwork: +7 atk, 1d8
2 dmg, 19-20×2 crit, Slashing
Light x-bow: 5 atk, 1d8 dmg, 19-20×2 crit, 80 feet, Piercing, 20 bolts
Shortsword Masterwork: +6 atk, 1d6
2 dmg, 19-20×2 crit, Slashing
Light Mace: 5 atk, 1d62 dmg, x2 crit, Blug.
Dagger x2: 5 atk, 1d42 dmg, x2 crit, 10 feet, Piercing
Grapple: +5

Str: 15, Dex: 14, Con: 12, Int 15, Wis 10, Cha 14

Chainmail: +4 AC, 4 max dex, -2 check
H. Steel Sheild: +2 AC, -2 check

Appraise: +7
Balance: -1
Bluff: 2
Climb: -1
Craft Navigation: 6
Craft Sail: 7
Craft Ballista: (maybe improve later?)
Diplomacy: 2
Disguise: 2
Escape Artist: -2
Gather Info: 8
Handle Animal: 2
Heal: 0
Hide: -2
Intimidate: 4
Jump: -1
Knowledge local: 2
Listen: 2
Move Silently: -2
Ride: 2
Search: 6
Sense Motive: 0
Spot: 2
Survival: 0
Swim: -4
Tumble: -2
Use Rope: 2

Speaks: Common, Elvish, Dwarvish, Halfling.

Feats: Combat expertise, Weapon focus (longsword), improved initiative, investigator


Elon Eil, who prefers to go by Eil, was born in the city of Seahome. His mother is part of the guild merchant sailors and is still an active member. His father originally belonged to the same guild but decided to change to the Mercenary Guild instead and is now part of the home guard #1. Eil had a supportive childhood, though his father was never a big part of it. He shared his mother’s love for the sea and allowed himself to form deep roots with Elendaen religion. Eil decided to join the mercenary sailors guild like his dad did, but after getting the training he decided it was not for him. Instead he went to the merchant sailors guild. Soon after that he gained the dream of one day becoming a great captain, like the ones he would sail under all the time. To command his own ship turned into his life’s dream. After coming back from a long voyage he found out that his father had been stationed elsewhere as to avoid contact with his mother. Turns out the two were not getting along like they used to. Not like he saw much of them anymore. The rare occasions he gets together with his mother are very joyous and both are happy, meetings with his father tend to go sour so he attempts to avoid them. Being an only child he has no family reunions to look forward to in the future.

Now all he has to do was praise Calitha Starbrow and believe in her guidance in his life both on the sea, the islands, and everywhere else.

Now that he has a boat and a loyal enough crew Eil feels more complete in his life. Captain Madsen threatened to take all that away along with their lives if they did not repay back the cost of the boat. Taking Madsen’s deal of three favors and some gold put a more obtainable closure on the deal that this ship was actually theirs, with Eil being the captain. Having all their cargo stolen from them had been a terrible and trying ordeal, Eil felt as if they were walking the edge of losing it all. Despite the stresses of the adventure Eil found it an enlightening experience and a journey of friendship encouraging teamwork between the crew. Even that cleric of whats his name had turned out to be a decent guy.

The recovering of their cargo did not prove without sacrifices. During their trek through the desert after the last bit of remaining stolen goods the party was confronted by hostile locals. While Eil agreed with Eckhart’s actions to stand up for himself and raise his weapon against the cocky desert warrior it was just unfortunate what happened. Eil thinks for sure now that Eckhart is dead, his demise will not be forgotten.

Ravi who is half Thyation by blood and able to speak the language was found just outside Abbashan. Eil has taken a liking to the child as he thinks the entire group has, Eil has begun teaching Ravi some moves with his dagger in their spare time. After a sour betrayal Eil looks forward to being back on the water. Urian will pay if Eil ever sees him again.

Elon Eil

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