Ben Mott

Large, brown-haired human guardsman


Ben is a large human with brown hair and a scraggly beard which doesn’t hide his large smile. He is the head guardsman at Skarrett’s storage facility.


The party first meets Ben at Skarrett’s storage facility, immediately after they discover the theft of possessions they had stored there. At first, Ben was friendly and helpful, but his helpfulness was revealed as misdirection as the party eventually learned the truth. Ben assisted Smudge and his crew with the theft by distracting Pitt and Charl, the guards on duty. When confronted by the party, Ben gave up Smudge, as well as where he could be found. In turn, he asked the party not to tell Skarett about what he did, nor tell Smudge who gave him up. The party ordered him not to leave the area, and went to find Smudge. It’s uncertain if they will be able to find him when they get back.

Current Whereabouts: Presumably still in Seahome. May have fled out of fear of Smudge. Current Status: Nervous of what the party knows.

Ben Mott

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