Charl Betson

Young human guardsman


Young , tired-looking man with dark, closely cropped hair.


Is a young married man that works at Skarrett’s dry dock. His wife’s name is Marise. He is attempting to get a navigation certification to better his lot in life and find a better place for him and his wife to live though asked us not to tell Skarrett that. The part first met Charl after the theft of their goods from Skarrett’s storage facility. Charl was one of the two guards responsible for the night shift on which the theft occured. The party sought him out, and eventually discovered that he had nothing to do with the theft. He did provide the party an important piece of information that led to them finding the true culprit, Ben Mott. When the party last left Charl, he was still employed at the facility. So far, they’ve not told Skarrett the truth about Charl’s other pursuits.

Current Whereabouts: Seahome Current Status: On fair terms with the party.

Charl Betson

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