Eckhart (missing)

Big tall fighter, likes to use big weapons, ad is utterly convinced that he is the chosen one for a "prophecy" that he had heard.


str-16 dex-15 con-16 int-11 wis-14 cha-14


Skill focus- Sailing, Ballista, intimidate.


He is in the Merc’s guild. Born in guild’s lands, grew up in Minrothad. His father was in the Merc’s guild, currently retired, (Busts up furniture for a hobby) Has an older half brother, Gustav III, they had somewhat of a falling out but he might come back in, he too is in the Merc’s guild. He is looking to fulfill a prophecy about him that says that he will be king some day. ... Unfortunately, Eckhart’s prophecy came to an unexpected fruition. Desert crowning gives “royalty” new meaning… an ancient practice of burying a man up to his neck in the sand in this case for murdering a kinsman of the tribe of Abbashanian nomads passing by.

Eckhart (missing)

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