Sethrim Callister

Deceased - One time Captain and possibly Merchant Prince of the 'Nape of the Maids'


Deceased – Not much is know of Sethrim Callister.


Sethrim Callister is a mystery. By most sailors and the Merchant Sailors Guild he was recognized as a Merchant Prince and Captain of the clipper Nape of the Maids 2-3 decades ago. However, the Merchant Prince Guild claims that is has never had a Captain Callister and that they have never heard of the clipper Nape of the Maids.

On an old schooner named Slitherwyr We found Captain Callister’s log books and a map of an unknown shore marked with the work ‘home’. The ship also contained a sealed section that contained a hidden room with a launch platform for a magical submersible device.

Sethrim Callister

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