Minrothad: Sojourn of the Fallen Prince II

November 7th, 2009
  • The Mud Tubes of the Seventh Island


These are some really well written character journals Kfrancesconi!




Thanks! In our previous campaign, I really didn’t do any of this at all. I’ve found, in the one, that this has really enriched my game enjoyment. I’m always giving more thought to Sergei, his development, and how his interactions reflect (or change!) his persona.


Yeah, I can tell that you are really getting into your character. In fact, since I’m trying to encourage my players to do the same thing, I’ve actually included a link to Sergei’s journals in my “House Rules” section on character journals and prestige points so that my characters have a model to strive for.


No pressure at all there! ;) You may have noticed Onsilius’ assignment to us regarding our immortals. I’ll be posting my response to that in the next few days. As always, I welcome feedback or questions.


Cool, I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for it.

onsilius onsilius

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