Minrothad: Sojourn of the Fallen Prince

October 23rd, 2009
  • The Whiskered Whale
  • A Detour in Seahome
  • Storms on the Coast
  • Where does Home lie?
  • A Voyage Home


Well I have just read through Eil’s, Sergei’s, and part of Moridin’s campaign journals for the adventure “Sojourn of the Fallen Prince.” Wow! Sounds like this was a very exciting adventure: for Eil to go from crewman to captain in a single adventure is quite a feat. I really enjoyed reading these entries. They felt authentic, as if the characters where actually recounting their own meditations. I applaud you all for the degree of care and detail that you have invested into your campaign. Kudos.



onsilius onsilius

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